Fashion Design Bandana Baby Dribble Bibs Set

The Baby Dolphin bandana bibs are made with 100% soft organic cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back that is super absorbent. The baby’s drool doesn’t dribble down the front but is absorbed by the material.

Our cute and fashionable bandana bibs are equipped with adjustable snaps that can be fastened securely around the neck area. This is better than Velcro. 2 nickel free snaps make is possible to adjust to your baby’s size.

Our bandana baby bibs avoids dribbles from reaching your baby’s front and messing up the clothes. Wearing this comfortable bandana bib even if your baby is not eating is okay because there’s always a chance of dribbling.

With our bandana bibs, you get a set of 4 unique styles handkerchief tied bibs. It’s adorably stylish and multifunctional. Use it to wipe those messy little faces and hands or hang in the washroom as your child’s wipe cloth.

Designed with love for your little Droolers

Get the cool and stylish baby bandana bibs that your child will love! The Baby Dolphin Fashion Design Bandana Baby Dribble Bibs are really awesome for your child to wear during meal time. This type of bib comes from the fact that it’s designed like a bandana. It’s perfect for babies who are in the early stages of teething or dribbling.

This baby bandana bib is placed high on the neck to help in absorbing dribble than just normal bibs. The cute and attractive prints can be engaging and will keep the baby interested in the bib and you can go about feeding them without any issue. Our bibs are properly secured by two adjustable snap on buttons so your baby can’t take it off or fall off on its own. Our 100% cotton baby bib bandana is a great addition during the start of infant feeding. Our bandana bibs definitely bring a stylish finishing touch to your baby’s outfit with its fashionably attractive look.

Baby Dolphin Bibs Set is #1 New Release at Amazon

Love the sea Bandana bibs set
#1 New Release
$ 20.99

Love the sea Bandana bibs set
New Release
$ 20.99

Special Gift from Baby Dolphin

Ebook BABY WEANING value $22.99 will be give to you with bibs order

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